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C2K - Housekeeping Management

It is the policy (and philosophy) of the Alandale Logistics Team to take responsibility for the housekeeping & cleanliness of each project we work on.

Unfortunately, we are aware that some contractors may fail on occasion to maintain the standards of housekeeping required on a project.

To manage this on behalf of clients, Alandale designed our own / bespoke Contra-Charge Management System – which we call ‘C2K’.

This completely digital system allows for quick and efficient issue of Clearance Notifications to contractors which includes photographic evidence, tracking of responses to Clearance Notifications, Final Notification and any actions taken to rectify.

C2k is not only used for Housekeeping issues, we have also adapted the system to allow the policing of other areas such as:

  • Waste Management
  • Segregation compliance
  • Material Storage
  • Health and Safety Issues

Our C2k system allows for easy exporting of reports into spreadsheet format for use in management reports, Directors meetings, and commercial processing.