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Traffic Management

Alandale employ all of our own 'in-house' Traffic Management professionals. Their role is to assist and advise on the logistical and traffic management aspects of the projects we serve.

Many projects are restricted by the size/types of vehicles that can be used. By conducting an initial detailed survey alongside a desktop analysis, Alandale produce a ‘swept path analysis’ specifically for the project, from which a precise traffic and logistical model can be produced. This outlines not only the vehicle size, type and specific parameters, but also provides detailed information such as gate positions, recommended angles and, wherever possible, different options available (to offer choice to our clients). These produced ‘models’ will also highlight any particular (significant) issues found, and in turn recommend proposals to manage these identified issues. Other traffic management services Alandale provide:
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Signage Plans
  • Traffic Control Studies
Once produced and agreed by our clients, Alandale implement and manage the produced management plans with our own operatives (trained using an Alandale designed traffic management course – accredited by RoSPA on our behalf). Alandale are proud to have achieved many solutions in their trading history, and just a few are outlined below:
  • The design of the first known set of temporary traffic lights providing dedicated access to a construction site in the City of London.
  • Road level reduction and road opening below a railway line to provide dedicated access to a landlocked development.
  • A ‘Temporary’ long-term traffic management scheme (including a lane closure & effective contra-flow) to the Shard London Bridge
Staff Training Alandale are proud to have designed and produced the first nationally available traffic management course – accredited by RoSPA. Alandale are the only company to provide this Traffic Management training to all of our traffic operatives.