Alandale Rail was formed with the intention of creating a Safety Critical portfolio farringdon.jpg
that differed from that of its competitors, utilising multi-skilled professionals to
deliver services that are tailored to our client’s exact requirements.

The Directors of Alandale Rail believe that success can only be achieved by striving to exceed our clients expectations, and this can only be done by demonstrating the quality and discipline of our resources, with our costs being effectively managed through innovation and competent management. 

Alandale Rail Operatives are trained, experienced & qualified Safety personnel who ensure that the contractors working on the rail infrastructure are doing so utilising an agreed Safe System of Work.

Our senior management and operational teams have extensive experience within both London Underground and Network Rail infrastructures, understanding the necessity to provide our clients with value for money, whilst maintaining a high standard of excellence.

Alandale Rail provide a Hands On service & work closely with our clients to meet their objectives & deadlines as part of the project team.

By taking the time to understand the nature of our clients business & associated work streams, we are able to offer support (or source) solutions through our Group of Companies and the network of partnerships that we have created and maintained throughout the years.

We are committed to the needs of our clients and as such provide dedicated teams of experienced Safety Critical professionals who will enhance the Safety and Quality regimes required on site.

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