Birmingham Gateway

The Birmingham Gateway Redevelopment was a major overhaul of New Street Station & retail areas, whilst maintaining the Station fully operational, within a very busy city centre location.

The transformation of the 14 acre Pallisades Shopping Centre into what is now called Grand Central, consisted of significant demolition and structural works which have resulted in the main mall having a Texlon ETFE atrium roof as a centrepiece.

The shopping centre is now home to over 60 stores and restaurants across 500,000 sq ft, with a major high street name as a main anchor tenant.

All deliveries in and out of this project required careful planning and co-ordination not only with other construction operations on site, but also with the constraints associated with working in a very busy city centre location.

This challenge of successfully receiving hundreds of deliveries a day to this project was overcome by operating and managing a controlled off-site Consolidation Centre and a Rail Sidings. 

All road deliveries were required to attend the Consolidation Centre where they were either consolidated, (for part loads), or held until being called forwards to site for unloading and subsequent distribution by our team. 

Platform deliveries were consolidated at the sidings, and subsequently loaded onto engineering trains for night time deliveries into the Station.

Logistical Management Services provided:

  • Web-Based Delivery Management                                
  • Contractor Management Tools
  • Logistics Management
  • Off-Site Consolidation Management
  • Traffic Management 
  • Delivery Management
  • Waste Management
  • Rail Sidings and Engineering Train Loading & Management 
  • Multi Service Team Provision