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Security Patrols

Despite the latest Security Technology that monitors and detects unwanted attention (which can be difficult to install and become expensive), the provision of a Security Patrolling Service still offers the most effective way of preventing and deterring intrusion.

Alandale Security provide a patrolling service to the majority of our projects.

Typical Security Patrol Duties

  • Locking and Unlocking gates, offices and welfare units
  • Perimeter Security Patrols
  • Setting and isolating alarms
  • Challenging suspicious people and behaviour from the work force
  • Checking site equipment
  • Site evacuation
  • Fire Marshall patrols

Mobile Patrols

As a more flexible option, Alandale Security can offer a Mobile Patrol Service that can accommodate a set regime of patrols as laid down by the client.

A full report of all site visits will be provided (including timings).

The Patrol Management System

We believe that one of the core elements to providing an effective and successful manned Security Patrol Service is the performance monitoring of our Personnel.

It is of equal importance to create a transparent relationship with our clients that facilitates the ability for them to have instant access to information relating to patrol activities on their property.

The Patrol Management System that Alandale Security utilises has been designed to ensure a quick, effective, robust and reliable method of managing the patrol activities of Security Officers.

The easy to use software enables our Management to view a single line activity sheet covering all patrol activities within a company, or even produce a detailed point-by-point analysis of a property’s patrol activity.