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Access Control

The only way to guarantee maximum Security to a property or project (in terms of Personnel) is to install an Access Control System and Barriers.

Alandale have designed their own bespoke Access Control System (S2K).

S2K was designed to capture the aspects needed in an Access Control System that we felt were missing from the third party systems we had used in the past.

Our S2K system therefore has a comprehensive (specifically designed) database that allows full access into all entered information held on the workforce – and reports are produced accordingly.

The access control process installed to a property allows us to monitor exactly who is on site at any one time and will print a complete list of Personnel – including arrival and departure times.

Our S2K Access Control system is robust and can handle many known site conditions.

The S2K Software provides the following services: 

  • Access Control
  • Asset Management
  • ID Card Production
  • Picture ID and Asset Verification
  • Head Office Archive & Reporting
  • Time & Attendance Reports
  • Visitor Management
  • System Report availability

Many reports are pre-designed for the use of the client and bespoke reports can also be produced by our in-house IT team.

The following is just a selection of the reports 

  • Personnel Details
  • Daily Detail Report
  • Daily Summary Report
  • Weekly Timesheet Report
  • Group Total Report
  • Muster (Emergency) Report
  • Group Weekly Total
  • Group Monthly Total
  • Group Head Count (by Hours) Chart