Nova Victoria

The Nova Victoria Project is a 5.5-acre site. The project works included the complete demolition and redevelopment of the 910,000 sq/ft area, with five new buildings planned.

These were mixed use buildings, including offices, retail spaces, apartments (both market and affordable) and a community space/ library, along with an extensive public realm area.

Known as an ‘island’ site, it is surrounded by three of the busiest roads in London. (Victoria Street, Buckingham Palace Road and Bressenden Place) This in itself presented a huge challenge when considering the safe management of the general public and construction vehicles in and out of the project.

Furthermore, the site is located directly opposite one of London’s busiest railway and bus stations (Victoria Station) and with Buckingham Palace nearby, pedestrian traffic around the site is also extremely high. Add to this the fact that the surrounding area is also very popular with cyclists, and it becomes clear that these surrounding roads and pavements are some of the most densely occupied in London, making the Logistical and Traffic Management planning of this project extremely complex.

Alandale Logistics were tasked with the study, analysis, planning and production of various access/egress plans and “swept path analysis” for all the various project phases – with the sole intention to demonstrate that the correct procedures, dimensions, gate locations, recourses, etc. were pre-planned, agreed and implemented prior to any construction works taking place.

We also developed a bespoke “Web-Based” delivery system (ADBM) to allow the complete management of the construction vehicles (from their origin until they reached the site and to the actual storage point of the material) therefore minimising any disruption to the already heavily congested roads.