Kings Cross

The Kings Cross Scheme is one of the largest Developments underway in Central London.

The project involves the new-build construction and major re-development of various ‘mixed use’ schemes across the existing 67 acre site located within the Kings Cross Area.

When complete, the Kings Cross development will be a Landmark site within London, creating a new central ‘Hub’ for use by businesses and the general public alike.

Alandale are extremely fortunate to have been involved with the Kings Cross Scheme from the very beginning and continue to provide support services to the Client. 

Alandale’s ‘Site-Wide’ Logistical Management Services Include:

  • Security Management
  • Access Control (S2K)
  • Web-Based Delivery Management (ADBM)
  • Contractor Management Tools
  • Housekeeping
  • Traffic Management
  • Signage
  • Welfare Management
  • Fire Management
  • Logistical Support Services