Southbank Place

Southbank Place is a mixed-use development of offices, residential and retail space, with open public areas.

Lcated next to Waterloo Station, the London Eye and other well-known attractions, this project is centred within one of the highest pedestrian populated and dense vehicle locations within London.

The Shell Centre Tower also remains live / occupied within the boundary of the new project.

The development is the construction of eight new buildings, one of which will incorporate new offices and trading floors for Shell. 

The overall Development will contain 877 new homes with approximately 530,000 sq ft of office space, along with 50,000 sq ft of retail units, restaurants and cafés.

Alandale conduct the following works as part of our Logistics package for Southbank Place:

  • Pre-Construction Logistical Planning
  • Logistics Management
  • Web-based Delivery Management (Alandale’s ADBM System)
  • Traffic Management
  • Loading Bay Management (forklift Off-loading)
  • Hoist Operation
  • Beneficial Lift Operation
  • Waste and Housekeeping Management
  • Welfare Management and Consumables
  • Fire Management