Lewisham Shopping Centre

Lewisham Shopping Centre

Lewisham Shopping Centre was built in the 1970s and has approximately 68 retail units of various sizes trading within the ground floor (with additional stores to the 1st floor).

Location: Lewisham, South East London

Works: Roof Replacement, Mall Fit-Out & Refurbishment Works to the Live Shopping Centre
Contract: Principal Contractor.
Duration: 52 Weeks.

Project Overview

The project consisted of two main elements and had to be completed while the Centre remained open and fully operational to the General Public.

Roof Replacement

The Centre’s roof was originally constructed of “Durox” (Air Crete) planks and over the lifespan of the building required replacement.

Our works were to demolish and remove the existing roof and install a new composite roof panel system (whilst maintaining full and uninterrupted retail and Centre operations).

There were approximately 35 stores (of various sizes) located directly beneath our works throughout the entirety of the demolition and construction works and were maintained in a fully functioning state.

Mall Refurbishment

The second element of our works was to completely enhance the existing mall areas of the Centre – from its existing 1970s look to a more contemporary shopping Centre environment.

We were required to carry out all works whilst still maintaining the shopping Centre, retailers and general public activities completely unhindered (and maintaining all necessary fire and emergency management and health & safety regulations / requirements throughout).

The works consisted of the following key elements:

  • 5000m2 natural stone tile overlaid to the existing terrazzo tile floor finish.
  • Installation of new heavy-duty manhole covers
  • Replacement of the structural expansion joints
  • Installation of new ceilings
  • Services alterations
  • Installation of nearly 1000 new lights
  • New entrance doors all entrances
  • Decorations and finishes throughout
  • Re-branding to the entire Centre.

As the project moved extremely quickly (from concept to installation) the vast majority of the detail was developed as part of the ongoing process between our management and the client team, all of whom worked integrally throughout.