Waste Management

With Clients demanding good housekeeping, ever-increasing environmental legislation and high recycling targets, waste management has become a fundamental part of our logistical service.

Our waste management service can be offered on a lump-sum fixed price basis, this is based on detailed analysis and benchmarked data from previous projects of a similar nature – offering cost-certainty to our clients.

We offer a complete waste management service, from the pre-planning of the waste management and removal process (with the intention to minimise any impact upon the normal day-to-day activities of the project) to the segregation, transporting, recycling and monitoring of the waste production process – providing statistical reports and feedback to our clients.

Alandale are a licensed waste carrier and are also very proud to state that we are also a 14001 (environmental standard) accredited company.

Our waste management service can be conducted in several differing methods –

The provision of recepticles and maintaining common areas through to a complete housekeeping service – eliminating the need for contractors to provide any labour, allowing them to focus on their respective trade services.

All of our waste removal and disposal services are monitored using a web-based monitoring tool – to provide statistical data and analysis reports to our clients on a monthly basis.

We know that most Clients have the desire to segregate as many waste streams as possible on site prior to removal for recycling; and we have a wealth of experience in this method of waste management.

We always plan to segregate as many desired waste streams as possible.

With Image and Education a key factor in environmental techniques, all Alandale waste bins are colour coded or clearly signed / labelled to identify the correct waste stream for that receptacle.

Education of contractors is conducted by the use of posters, leaflets, specifically produced project handbooks and relevant induction content to establish the correct waste management procedures for operatives and management to follow.

Our typical waste management service includes the cleaning and management of:

  • External walkways
  • Corridors
  • Stair cores
  • Access routes
  • Fire / escape routes