Contractors Handbook

With Construction Logistics becoming one of the most important packages on many developments, the need for clear and concise information (and communication) is essential – to not only be precise regarding the role and expectation of the Logistics Contractor, but equally importantly, that of the individual contractor during the course of the project.

Alandale Logistics recognised this need, and consequently designed our ‘Contractor’s Logistics Management Handbook’

Intended for issue to each of the contractor’s Supervisors and Management team, the Contractor’s Logistics Handbook gives a detailed overview of the main aspects of not only Alandale’s services, but also the project rules and requirements (specifically for each project).

From security and induction procedures through to waste and contra-charge management, the handbook details exactly how the logistics of the project will be managed, and outlines each of the contractors responsibilities on behalf of the Main Contractor.

Also contained within the handbook are documents such as our Logistics Attendance Matrix (which identifies each party’s responsibilities ‘at a glance’) each project’s current Logistics Management Plans and examples of commonly-used forms – such as permits and security application forms.

The Contractor’s Logistics Management Handbook also forms part of a starter pack that’s issued to sub-contractors upon their commencement of works on a project.