Diversity Policy

Alandale Logistics are committed to making their diversity policy part of the recruitment plan for all of the projects / developments we are a part of.

Alandale embrace local communities to leave a lasting legacy of motivated and skilled people through consultancy, brokerage and project management.

We see our role as being a key provider for Main Contractors to open up opportunities for new entrants through ‘fit-for-purpose’ training, with supported employment, designed to meet the specific needs of each particular individual.

Alandale continue to support employment and associated training that assists to enhance the prospects of a individual’s opportunity to develop the necessary skills for sustained employment into the future.

By our supporting of local people in training and ultimately into employment, (training which is relevant to the construction industry’s needs) whilst involving key partners in the process, ensures that the sustainability of the objectives of both the individual and the company are met.

Community Benefits

  • Provide trained, motivated ‘work-ready’ staff
  • Add value and efficiency to each development
  • Uniquely linking worklessness, training, employment and independency – providing a complete ‘life-cycle’ service.

Our ultimate objective from our Diversity Policy is to ‘Leave communities with a lasting legacy’