207 Old Street

The 207 Old Street Project

The 207 Old Street building was part of a larger development called ‘The Bower’ on Old Street roundabout. The tower has a floor space of 180,000ft2 and is a mixed use building of offices and retail space. The project involved the stripping back of the existing building’s cladding back to the frame, then adding a total of three additional floors whilst also extending the floor plates by about 15%. The building was then re-clad and fitted with new washrooms and two extra lifts installed.

Access Solution:

The access solution required Alandale to conduct the planning, design and erection of an external access scaffolding to the existing 15 levels around the full perimeter of the tower, to allow access to all the elevations, with gantry’s and third-party protection to the entire project frontage.


Fully boarded external access with plastic sheeting encapsulating the entire scaffold, to enable and allow the removal of the existing cladding.