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Company Overview

When Alandale Logistics was formed in 1996, the Logistics Support Service was relatively unknown within Construction.

Typically, Construction projects were planned and organised with the construction works taking priority, meaning the key logistical elements (such as Traffic and Waste Management) were provided by separate companies, meaning the logistics of a project was potentially uncoordinated. Key areas, such as delivery and materials management were often left to chance or sub-contractor led.

Alandale not only provided clients with support & assistance in the logistical planning of their projects, but was also a Company that provided all the key services from the planning conducted.

Today, Logistics is widely known and acknowledged as an essential service to Construction Projects.

Logistical Planning in Construction now involves carrying out a detailed analysis of the surrounding environment, the capacity and complexity of the project, and determining the most effective, safe and efficient method of ‘supply’ for the project.

Alandale continue to offer the same key planning and logistical services, whilst ensuring that the latest techniques and technology is utilised.

Alandale Logistics Directors and staff have gained an extensive Construction and Logistical background over many years.

We have grown steadily since our incorporation in 1996 and currently employ over 300 staff.

Alandale Logistics have been involved with some of the largest and most prestigious projects in the UK and Ireland.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional ‘in-house’ Pre-construction Logistical (and cost) Planning service to some of the highest profile (and complex) projects in the UK.

We have worked at all levels including Local Authorities, Government Depts, Developers and Main Contractors.

Alandale continue to provide new and innovative products and solutions to the Construction Industry.