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Logistics Strategies

For each Project, information is collated from our logistical planning works and various management plans, to become an integral part of the Logistics Management Strategy document.

For each Development, information is collated from our pre-construction logistical planning works and the various management plans produced, to become an integral part of the Logistics Management Strategy Document.

This strategy document will be produced to provide a project ‘Bible’ for all stakeholders (from the main Contractor to each individual Contractor) and will be initially drafted and submitted to the Client for comment. Only when they are satisfied with the content and have given final approval, will the document be formally released to the Contractors.

This Logistics Management Strategy document is ultimately designed to improve the logistical and contractual management of the project / development on the Client’s behalf.

Based on our past experience, we always recommend that it forms part of the contractual documents for each contractor involved. This allows the main Contractor to have complete control of the logistical elements of the entire project, as it effectively ties in all other contractors to implementing the developed and agreed strategy throughout the construction process.