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Delivery Management

Effective and efficient delivery and material management is an essential part of the day to day Logistical Management of any Construction Project.

To achieve this, Alandale provide Delivery Managers to the majority of our projects, who are responsible for the co-ordination and implementation of the Delivery and Material Management Strategy.

The primary function of any successful delivery strategy is to ensure that all required vehicles are accommodated, pre-planned and accepted successfully and in a safe and efficient manner.

To achieve this, the key areas to be considered when producing a delivery management strategy are:

  • Planning (of vehicles / materials and routes)
  • Acceptance (getting the vehicle to the project, correct gate and to the right destination) as efficiently, safely and effectively as possible
  • Dispersal (The safe and efficient management and removal of vehicles from the project) whilst taking into account third party safety

The successful storage of materials is also a key factor and with this in mind, Alandale produce a Project-specific Deliveries and Materials Management Plan.

This plan is issued to all Contractors to communicate and provide the essential information required to demonstrate the regime that will be enforced on the project from a very early stage.

Our Delivery Service is aided by our Web-Based Delivery Management Software, Alandale Delivery Booking Manager (ADBM).