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S2k is Alandale's bespoke / construction designed Access Control, Timekeeping and Client Reporting System.

The reason for our creating of S2k was simple, the majority of the access control systems being used at the time had originated from office environments and were simply not robust enough or even designed to cope with the specific environment that a construction project requires.

We therefore decided to design our own system – a system that would be robust enough to deal with the construction environment and capable of providing all of the necessary functions we couldn’t get from systems we had used previously.

S2k has now been in use / developed for nearly 15 years, and has been utilised on some of the largest projects in the UK – including:

  • Chelsea Barracks
  • Wembley National Stadium
  • Kings Cross Development
  • IBC/MPC Media Hub and Velodrome – Olympic Park
  • Dublin Airport – Terminal 2


The in-built flexibility of the reporting function in S2K allows clients to extract various statistics from the system.

For example, the types of report available are

  • Summary / Detailed by Company / Individual
  • CSCS Card Compliance
  • Demographics / Percentage of labour employed that live within a certain radius of the project
  • Health & Safety warnings issued to individuals 
  • Timesheets / Commercial

In fact, the flexibility of the database and reporting function allows for almost any conceivable report
to be extracted from the system, providing the desired reports are established when the system is
set up and the information is gathered at induction / registration stage.


S2k is both a proximity card and Biometric system that uses biometric readers (our preferred type of biometric option is Fingerprint Reader) which has proven itself to be robust and reliable.

Back-up Management

The protection of data is critical, and therefore S2k has been designed with a unique back up facility that includes 3 separate copies being written at any one time (2 internal harddrives and an external copy).

The entire database can also be exported into a user-friendly format, and issued to the client as required.