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Materials Management

The majority of Construction Projects are typically restricted for space, with limited vehicle movements or available handling equipment.

This makes Materials Management and Handling one of the most crucial aspects to the smooth running of a construction project.

Working with the Main Contractor, Alandale produce a Materials Handling Strategy, which will begin by looking at the project specific constraints and surrounding environment. With this information to hand, a documented procedure is then produced that will provide an agreed system of work, and be used as a communication tool for all contractors to follow.

The strategy will document how all deliveries and materials movements will be set down, off-loaded, distributed and stored (with associated responsibilities for each area of the documented procedure).

Our web-based delivery management system (ADBM) not only provides for the effective management of deliveries to site, but also co-ordinates the distribution of materials within the site.

We therefore utilise ADBM to not only fully control all requested vehicle deliveries, but to also control the material’s journey once off-loaded to its final destination within the project.

Our Logistics Team work alongside the Construction Management Team to review the projects major deliveries to ensure that not only can we accept the delivery, but that there is sufficient space allocated to store it where it will be used.