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Cyclist Safety

With 20% of fatal cycle accidents involving heavy goods vehicles, the need for planned / preventative measures and strong management procedures is essential.

Alandale have been working on this very important subject as part of our Logistical Planning Process for over 5 years.

Some of the Cyclist Safety Management Measures we are implementing include the following:

  • Alandale have worked closely with TRL & were part of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for the technical report on Construction Logistics & Cyclist Safety
    (refer to the extract below regarding our work at Croydon CURV as an ‘exemplar’).
  • Alandale produced one of the first Construction Logistics Plans (CLP) to be approved as part of the planning process on behalf of Sir Robert McAlpine at the Croydon PSDH (New Civic Offices)

This became a ‘live’ document to the project (in effect a Logistics Bible) that formed part of each sub-contractors contractual document’s to ‘tie’ them in to the requirements of the CLP.

  • We also produced a project-specific contractors handbook (which was a summary of the CLP) and was issued to all sub-contractor managers and supervisors as part of their ‘site start pack’

All of this work formed part of the TRL study.

  • As part of our planning process, we now integrate cyclist safety into our swept path analysis and Logistics Management Plans
  • We also integrate Cyclist Safety Management into our new CLP documents
  • We have introduced a simple cycle safety section into our Contractors Logistics Handbook
  • We have produced a Cyclist Safety Review document and intend to introduce this as a project specific procedure manual.
  • We have introduced a Simple Cycle Safety message to all of our Web Based Delivery Management System (ADBM) Projects (click here for example)