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Swept Path Analysis

Swept Path Analyses are conducted by our Traffic & Logistics Dept to determine a Project’s capacity and throughput from the vehicle access and egress routes available.

The intention of producing the Vehicle Swept Path is to:
  • Determine the size and types of vehicle that can actually access the project
  • Determine the size / angle / design of the project vehicle gates
  • Ensure maximum project efficiency and vehicle usage
  • Ensure that Best Practice and safe systems of work are installed
  • As part of the exercise, differing options will be provided to give the Client as much information (and choice) as possible.
Once the analysis is completed, all relevant Swept Paths are printed and any issues found are highlighted and then presented for discussion / resolution / mitigation. This type of detailed analysis is essential to ensure that the intended vehicles can actually service the project safely and efficiently. Please scroll through the Swept Path Analysis below, click on image to enlarge.